Custom-made dream trips

What makes a trip special?

As a journalist living and working in São Paulo, New York and London, I traveled extensively and became fluent in five languages. I am familiar with the nuances of different countries and cultures, and use the knowledge accumulated over three decades to help people have the best trips of their lives.

A great trip starts with choosing the right time to go - it’s different for every destination. Next comes having a creative itinerary, followed by choosing the right hotels, restaurants and places to visit. All these factors must be put together according to each person’s tastes and interests. On top of that, it is important to have a reliable network of local contacts in each destination, to ensure that a vacation is well planned - and flawless.

When I design one-of-a-kind itineraries, or give travel advice to private clients or travel agencies, I make sure that those who want the best - and nothing less - will have not only an unforgettable trip, but memories that will last a lifetime.

What I offer

  • Tailored itineraries anywhere in the world, for any amount of time
  • Suggestions of hotels, restaurants and sightseeings
  • Suggestions of what to see and what to buy in each destination
  • Hire local service providers, if needed (drivers, guides, baby-sitters, etc)

How it works

You send an email to with your tentative travel plans and I will call you to discuss specifics (15 min max). This service is free of charge.

Next, you select one of two paid travel packages:

Basic Package

$20 per person/day of travel, up to 4 travelers

Additional $10 per traveler/day

Package includes:

  • Basic daily itinerary in your destination(s)
  • Links to recommended places and activities in your destination(s)
  • Hotels matching your requests at destination(s)
  • Up to 4 emails to fine-tune itinerary

Complete trip plan will be delivered in five (5) business days

Full package

$30 per person/day of travel, up to 6 travelers

Additional $10 per traveler/day

Package includes all services in the Basic Package, plus:

  • Customized daily itinerary matching your tastes and interests
  • Links to must-see places/activities at destination(s), booking assistance
  • Hotels matching your requests, booking assistance
  • Customized list of restaurants in your destination(s), reservation assistance
  • Shopping suggestions based on your tastes and interests
  • Hiring of services (drivers, guides, baby-sitters, etc)
  • Unlimited number of emails to fine-tune itinerary or later during trip

Complete trip plan will be delivered in seven (7) business days